Loma Prieta Earthquake Stories

I was in the shower before watching the world series game 3 when I felt a vibration and a violent shake. I braced my self on the shower wall holding me up. I watched all of the shampoo fall out of its space when I heard a “CRASH”.

The water turned off and I went out of my Bathroom and into the Family room and saw that the flower vase had fallen of of the dining table shattering and sending the glass as far away as the doorway that leads to the family room. Lot’s of pictures had fallen off shelves and spices flung out of cabinets.

Benny March 3, 2010

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The Loma Prieta earthquake, which occurred on October 17, 1989, is the most recent large earthquake to strike the San Francisco Bay Area. Many individuals and families have stories and memories related to this damaging earthquake. To help us preserve these precious stories and learn more about the earthquake, please share your story and memories with us.

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