Loma Prieta Earthquake Stories

I was out in the yard, watering the plants when the earthquake hit. It was so violent it knocked me down, the earth was rolling and the lamposts were weaving back and forth and the house was moving up and down and sideways. It lasted about a minute; I was trying to get into the house because my wife was inside, taking a nap. When I got inside all of the bookcases had been knocked over, and books had fallen on top of her. In every room the drawers had been knocked open and the contents had been dumped on the floors and scattered everywhere. That night we slept under the diningroom table because that night we had an aftershock of 6.1. We lived about 2 miles from the epicenter. I have a picture of me standing at the epicenter where all the trees are knocked down. All 3 exits from Aptos were blocked by landslides and you couldn’t get out for 4 days. I have moved since then to El Dorado Hills, CA.

Robert L. Webb April 14, 2010

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The Loma Prieta earthquake, which occurred on October 17, 1989, is the most recent large earthquake to strike the San Francisco Bay Area. Many individuals and families have stories and memories related to this damaging earthquake. To help us preserve these precious stories and learn more about the earthquake, please share your story and memories with us.

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