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The Women’s Building, Audre Lorde Room


The Mission District: After the Next Earthquake

Meeting Agenda

Welcoming Remarks
David P. Schwartz, Senior Research Geologist, USGS and Alliance Co-Chair
The 1906 Earthquake in the Mission District
Jack Boatwright, Research Geophysicist, USGS and Alliance Co-Chair
Managing Everyday and Not-So-Every Day Emergencies
Alicia D. Johnson, Resilience and Recovery Manager, Division of Emergency Services
Ready to Respond
Gregory L. Smith, Regional Director, Disaster Services, American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter
Panel Discussion — “Before, During and After the Earthquake!”
Moderated by Sarah Karlinsky with panelists Lt. Erica Arteseros, Patrick Otellini, Brian Whitlow, Justin Dombrowski, Jack Boatwright, Alicia D. Johnson, and Gregory L. Smith

This Bay Area Earthquake Alliance meeting focused on the effects of the Great 1906 earthquake on the Mission District in San Francisco in order to help the Mission District prepare, respond, and recover from the next large earthquake. We discussed earthquake hazards in the Mission District and learned about the earthquake response efforts of the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management, the Red Cross Bay Area Chapter, San Francisco Community Agencies Responding to Disaster (SF CARD), and other groups. Community leaders, emergency responders, managers, trainers, nonprofits, faith-based groups, and all interested members of the public were encouraged to attend.

Panoramic photo of San Francisco

Panoramic photo of San Francisco’s Mission District and surroundings.

Walking Tour

A walking tour will followed meeting at Mission Cemetery located adjacent to the Old Mission (between 16th & Dolores Street). The cemetery has very well-preserved damage from the 1906 earthquake. Tour was led by Jack Boatwright, USGS.

Speaker Biographies

Erica Arteseros
photo of Erica Arteseros

Erica Arteseros is the Program Coordinator for the San Francisco Fire Department’s Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT). Lt. Arteseros joined the Fire Department in December 1997. Since her appointment in March 2004, Arteseros has supervised the training of over 12,200 people in NERT’s disaster preparedness and response classes. In addition, she has expanded the advanced training classes offered to NERT graduates so volunteers can maintain and increase their skill levels.

Lt. Arteseros has also worked extensively with City agencies, the private sector, and individual citizens in pre-disaster planning and training. She has devoted particular effort to reaching under served areas in San Francisco to offer NERT’s free disaster preparedness training. To reach more San Franciscans with personal preparedness information, Arteseros developed a two-hour personal readiness workshop that emphasizes the most crucial aspect of NERT training – how to take care of oneself. To ensure this has the greatest impact on the resiliency of the San Francisco community, NERT has partnered with San Francisco SAFE, Inc., working with organized Neighborhood Watch blocks in addition to individuals and families.

Jack Boatwright
photo of Jack Boatwright

Jack Boatwright is the Northern California Earthquake Hazards Investigations Coordinator for the USGS Earthquake Science Center and also serves as the chair of the Bay Area Earthquake Alliance. Jack has developed maps showing the shaking intensity from the 1906 SF earthquake and similar maps for the 1868 Hayward earthquake. The results of his work show that a repeat of either the 1906 or 1868 earthquake will produce strong shaking and damage throughout the Bay Area. His expertise is the effects of earthquakes and what shaking levels to expect from future earthquakes.

Alicia D. Johnson
Photo of Alicia D. Johnson

Alicia D. Johnson is the Resilience and Recovery Manager at the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management. She manages the development of the Resilient SF and long-term Community Engagement programs. Ms. Johnson is the former Executive Director of the Salt Lake Urban Area and has served as a local Emergency Management Public Information Officer. She holds degrees in Organizational Communications, Political Science and a Masters of Public Administration from the University of Colorado.

Patrick Otellini
Photo of Patrick Otellini

Patrick Otellini was appointed by Mayor Ed Lee in October of 2012 as the Director of the city’s new Earthquake Safety Implementation Program. He is an ICC Certified Building Inspector and a NFPA Certified Fire Protection Specialist. He brings over a decade of private sector experience in the building code and permit consulting field to City Hall. Patrick lives in San Francisco with his wife and two children. For more information please visit

Gregory L. Smith
Photo of Gregory L. Smith

Mr. Smith’s affiliation with the American Red Cross began in 1993 when he served as a disaster volunteer with the American Red Cross Bay Area in San Francisco. He has since amassed an impressive record of selfless service and success in disaster services, volunteer and youth recruitment, program development, training, marketing and fundraising. Throughout his career, Mr. Smith has served as a senior strategist and public advocate for the Red Cross, crafting vital public and private partnerships with universities, businesses, community and faith-based organizations and emergency management agencies

Brian E Whitlow

Brian has been with SF CARD for over 7 years and was recently promoted to the Executive Director position in January 2013. He received his Master in Public Administration degree from USF in 2008 and since 2007, Brian has also volunteered with the American Red Cross Bay Area. In September 2008 he assisted with partner services in Louisiana following Hurricane Gustav & Ike. Most recently, Brian worked as an American Red Cross External Relations Supervisor during Hurricane Sandy 2012.

Before being employed by SF CARD, Brian worked at the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management while in Graduate School. While working for DEM, he primarily focused on citizen outreach, logistics, and training. Prior to his career in emergency management, Brian worked for over 4 years in the health care industry, primarily in administrative roles.

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